Tuesday,22nd August 2017


Tenders of MePTCL

  1. NIT: NIT No. MePTCL/CE (T)/TT-139 (Tender)/Pt-IV/2017-18/183 related to the opening of the techno-commercial bids…
  2. NIT Extension: NIT No. MePTCL/CE(T)/TT-139(Tender)/Pt-IV/2017-18/144 related to the submissions of bids…
  3. NIT Addendum and Extension : NIT No. MePTCL/CE(T)/TT-139(Tender)/Pt-IV/2017-18/1 dt.03.04.2017 related to Event logger ……
  4. NIT Extension : NIT No. MePTCL/CE(T)/TT-139(Tender)/Pt-IV/2017-18/1 related to Event logger ……
  5. NIT Extension : NIT No. MePTCL/CE(T)/TT-139(Tender)/Pt-III/2016-17/331 related to Puncture Insulator Detector etc.
  6. NIT : Shifting of date of submission and opening of bids for Tender No. MePTCL/CE(T)/TT-139(tender)/Pt-III/2016-17/331 dt. 24.02.2017
  7. NIT : PSDF scheme related works.Download related documents.
  8. Extension of NIT: NIT No. MePTCL/CE(T)/TT-139(Tender)/Pt-III/2016-17/331 Dated Shillong the 24th February,2017
  9. NIT: Construction of Foundation & Erection of 132 KV Terminal Equipments at 132/33 KV, 2 x 20 MVA, Mawlyndep (Lad Nongkrem).Download related documents.
  10. NIT: MePTCL is inviting tenders for various works… Download related document 
  11. Extension of NIT : No.MePTCL/CE(T)/TT-139(tender)/Pt-III/2016-17/227(a) related to Air Conditioning System (with capacity of 2TR) , Partial discharge (PD) Measuring Instrument and Nitrogen Injection System.
  12. NIT : Construction of brick wall fencing with RCC frame structure without  ornamental grill at 132 KV substation, Praharinagar (Upper Damalgre).
    Download related documents.
  13. Tender for Painting,Tiling and Electrification of the Control Room at 132/33 KV,2 x 20 MVA,Mawlyndep(Lad Nongkrem).
    Download related documents.
  14. Clarification against queries for Tender No. MePTCL/CE(T)/TT-139(Tender)/Pt-III/2016-17/187
  15. NIT-Addendum : For Control and Power Cables invited vide NIT No. MePTCL/CE(T)/TT-139(Tender)/Pt- III/2016-17/153 dt. 24.11.2016
  16. Corrigendum : NIT No. MePTCL/CE(T)/TT-139(Tender)/Pt-III/2016-17/153 Dated, Shillong The 24th November, 2016 for different items under PSDF Scheme.
  17. Notice Inviting tender – E-Tendering for NIT No. MePTCL/ CE(T)/ TT-139(Tender)/ Pt-III/ 2016-17/ 153 Dated, Shillong The 24th November, 2016 under PSDF Scheme.
    Download related document.
  18. Sealed tenders are invited for the works from reputed and experience EHV/Class – I contractor, having license of 33 or 132 KV and above of MeECL/ MePTCL/ MePGCL/ MePDCL.
  19. Extension of Date for NIT No: MePTCL/ACE/T & T/T- 48/2016-17/317 Dated 27th Sept, 2016.
  20. Sealed tenders are invited for the works as detailed from reputed and experience Electrical substation contractor of MeECL/ MePTCL/ MePGCL/ MePDCL.
  21. Extension Notice for Tender related to Renovation & Restructuring of 33 KV switchyard at 132/33 KV substation, Rongkhon vide Memo No. MePTCL/ACE/T&T /T-48/2016-17/306 Dated 07th September 2016.
  22. Notice Inviting Tender regarding “Renovation and Re-structuring of 33KV switchyard at 132/33KV substation, Rongkhon….”
  23. Extension of Date for NIT No: MePTCL/CE (T)/TT-167(Tender)/2016-17/1Dated Shillong, the 11th August, 2016.
  24. List of approved three phase energy meter with box.
  25. Extension of Date for NIT No: MePTCL/CE (T)/TT-167(Tender)/2016-17/1 Dated Shillong, the 11th August, 2016.
  26. MePTCL, Shillong invites sealed bids from experienced Contractors/Firms for Annual Maintenance Contract of ADSS Optical Fibre Cables in MePTCL’s network as per Terms & Conditions.
  27. Notice Inviting Tender : Sealed tenders are invited for the works as detailed from MePTCL reputed and experience EHV (Extra High Voltage)/Class – I contractor.
  28. Notice : Regarding Cancellation of NIT No. MePTCL / CE (T)/ TT-139 (Tender)/ 2015-16/57 dated the 30th Oct, 2015 for the “Supply of Diagnostic Tools…..under PSDF for the Package – D “.
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