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Tenders of MePDCL

  1. NIT : Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Hardware & Software for implementing ‘Real Time Data Acquisition System(RT-DAS)’….
  2. NIT : Click here for related document of Billing Based Electricity Distribution Franchisee.
  3. NIT : Billing Based Electricity Distribution Franchisee.
  4. NIT : Construction of 11 KV Line with ACSR “Weasel” conductor, installation of Distribution Transforners’ Construction of 3 Phase 4 Wire LT Line, tr Phase 2 Wire LT Line with dCSR Weasel Conductor and providing of last mile connectivity (Household service connection) under SAUBHAGYA Scheme..
  5. NIT : Appointment of Input Based Distribution Franchisee in Baghmara, Dalu…. Download the detailed document.
  6. Minutes of Meeting for the Techno- Commercial Bid opening of Grid connected Solar Pv system under IPDS held on 28th June 2018….
  7. NIT Corrigendum : Tender No. MePDCL/CE(Dist)/T-476(P)/ IPDS/2017-18/20 Dated 8th June 2018.
  8. Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting for Maintenance Contract of 33 KV and 11 KV lines held on 20th June 2018 in Conference Hall Lum Jingshai, Shillong
  9. NIT : Extension of Pre bid meeting related to Maintenance Contract of 33/11 KV Lines
  10. NIT : Maintenance Contract of the 33 kV and 11 kV Lines in the State of Meghalaya.
  11. NIT : IPDS for supply,Erection, Testing, Commissioning & Five year’s Comprehensive maintenance contract of Grid Connected Rooftop Solar PV System……¬†Download the price schedule.
  12. Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) of the 33 kV and 11 kV Lines ……
  13. Minutes of TEC on Technical Evaluation for Supply and installation of Prepaid meter under IPDS………
  14. Minutes of meeting for the Price Bid opening for Grid connected roof top Solar PV system under IPDS Scheme held on 03-04-2018.
  15. Minutes of meeting for the Techno-Commercial Bid opening for prepaid meter held on 03.04.2018.
  16. Corrigendum against the Tender No. MePDCL/CE (Dist)/T-476(Q)/IPDS/2017-18/1 Dated 6th March 2018…
  17. Minutes of the pre-bid meeting held on 16.03.2018 regarding Integrated Power Development Schemes (IPDS) for Design, Manufacture, Testing, ….
  18. Minutes of the Tec Meeting for Prepaid Meter held on 20.03.2018 regarding Queries raised in Prebid on 16/3/2018.
  19. Corrigendum against Tender No.MePDCL/CE (Dist)/T-476(Q)/IPDS/2017-18/1 dated 6th March 2018.
  20. Re-Tender Notice: Integrated Power Development Schemes(IPDS) for Supply, Erection, Testing, Commissioning & Five years Comprehensive maintenance contract…….
  21. Extension Notice : Tender No. MePDCL/CE(Dist)/T-476(P)/2017-18/01 related to IPDS for Three phase and Single Prepaid Meter….
  22. Minutes of Pre-bid meeting held on 09.03.2018 regarding Integrated Power Development Scheme(IPDS) for Supply, Erection, Testing And Commissioning…
  23. NIT : Integrated Power Development Scheme(IPDS) for Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning…. Download related documents.
  24. NIT : Integrated Power Development Scheme(IPDS) for Supply,Erection,Testing & Commissioning…. Download related documents.

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