Tuesday,25th April 2017

What’s New

  1. NIT : Pre-bid meeting regarding Tender No. MePDCL/IPDS/ACE(MM)/2017/01 related to supply of ACSR Conductors …
  2. NIT Amendment : Related to System Strengthening and Metering (DDUGJY-II) in Meghalaya
  3. Load Shedding Notice w.e.f 21.04.2017 for Shillong Distribution Circle
  4. NIT Corrigendum: NIT No. MePGCL/CE:GEN/T-99(TN)/Tender/2017/1 Dated 6th April 2017
  5. Registration of Contractor(Fresh and Renewal) under MePGCL,Shillong
  6. Registration of Class I Contractor under MePGCL,Shillong
  7. NIT: Postponement of Pre-bid meeting for supply of Distribution Transformer under IPDS …..
  8. Revised rate for testing of soil, concrete and steel conducted by the Testing Laboratory, Design Division, MePGCL, Umiam w.e.f 01.04.2017
  9. NIT Corrigendum : NIT No. CE(RE)/TT-166/2016-17/33 related to system strengthening and Metering of DTs/feeders under DDUGJY.
  10. NIT Extension : NIT No. MePTCL/CE(T)/TT-139(Tender)/Pt-III/2016-17/331 related to Puncture Insulator Detector etc.
  11. NIT : Various Works under PSDF scheme by MePGCL,Shillong
  12. Public Notice on Distributin Tariff for FY 2017-18.
  13. NIT : Various MePGCL works under PSDF. Download related documents.
  14. True up orders & Tariff Orders by MSERC
  15. NIT : Shifting of date of submission and opening of bids for Tender No. MePTCL/CE(T)/TT-139(tender)/Pt-III/2016-17/331 dt. 24.02.2017
  16. NIT : PSDF scheme related works. Download related documents.
  17. NIT : Manufacturing and supply of BEE 4-Star Rated Certified Distribution Transformers for implementation of works under IPDS…….
  18. NIT : System strengthening and metering of DTs/feeders in rural areas of Meghalaya under DDUGJY project (Phase II)..
  19. NIT Corrigendum : Deen Dayal upadhyay Gram Jyoti Yojana (DDUGJY) project (phase II) regardings EMDs
  20. Notice: Details related to NIT No. MeECL/ACE(MM)/IPDS/2016-17/01 Dt. 15/03/2017.
  21. Extension of NIT: NIT No. MePTCL/CE(T)/TT-139(Tender)/Pt-III/2016-17/331 Dated Shillong the 24th February,2017
  22. NIT : DDUGJY Project(Phase-II) in all the districts of Meghalaya on Turnkey Basis. Related Corrigendum.Download related documents.
  23. NIT: Construction of Foundation & Erection of 132 KV Terminal Equipments at 132/33 KV, 2 x 20 MVA, Mawlyndep (Lad Nongkrem).Download related documents.
  24. Public Notice: Water refilling of the New Umtru Dam Reservoir to start w.e.f 26.03.2017 …..
  25. NIT Corrigendum : Implementation of Integrated Power Development Scheme (IPDS) for supply of ACSR Conductor.
  26. NIT: Works under Integrated Power Development Schemes (IPDS) forSupply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of H.T Lines..…
  27. NIT : Implementation of Integrated Power Development Scheme (IPDS) for supply of ACSR Conductor.
  28. Notice : Consumers Grievances Redressal Forum.
  29. Notice : Updated List of Approved Materials.
  30. Notice : List of registered manufactures.(as on Feb.2017)
  31. Notice : Guidelines for release of water through the gates of the Myntdu-Leshka HEP-I Concrete Dam-2017 
  32. Notice : A special scheme for making payment of outstanding electricity bill with 60 % waiver of delayed payment charges….
  33. NIT: MePTCL is inviting tenders for various works… Download related documents.
  34. Order related to Delayed Payment Charges and recovery of the balance outstanding dues …
  35. Notice related to candidates whose Police Verification Report has not reached the office….
  36. Notice related to candidates whose results have been declared for the post of Jugalli but their police verification reports is yet to be received..
  37. NIT: Various works under MePGCL..
  38. Audited & Provisional Statement of Accounts for the year of 2012,2013,2014 & 2015 of MeECL,MePDCL,MePGCL & MePTCL
  39. Advertisement for “On the Job Training”-2017 for Graduate apprentices and Technician apprentices…
  40. MePTCL True Up 2014-15, Provisional True Up 2015-16 and Revised Transmission Tariff 2017-18..
  41. MePGCL Statement Of Accounts 2015-16..
  42. True-Up MePGCL of FY 2014-15 and Provisional True-Up of FY 2015..
  43. MePDCL Petition for True Up FY 2014-2015 and Provisional True Up of FY 2015-16 and Tariff for FY 2017-18..
  44. Request for Proposal : Extension of time for Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report…… for Construction of Umngot Hydro Electric Project (3×70 MW) is further extended upto 13th February 2017..
  45. Extension of NIT : No.MePTCL/CE(T)/TT-139(tender)/Pt-III/2016-17/227(a) related to Air Conditioning System (with capacity of 2TR) , Partial discharge (PD) Measuring Instrument and Nitrogen Injection System.
  46. List of holidays for the year 2017 is released .
  47. S & I Works of H.E Schemes (As on Quarter Ending December 2016).
  48. NIT : Construction of brick wall fencing with RCC frame structure without ornamental grill at 132 KV substation, Praharinagar (Upper Damalgre).
    Download related documents.
  49. NIT: Extension of fencing wall at MeECL,Nongstoin…
  50. Request for Proposal : Extension of time for Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report…… for Construction of Umngot Hydro Electric Project (3×70 MW)..

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