Meghalaya Energy Corporation Limited



MeSEB was constituted under Section (5) of the electricity (Supply) Act 1948 by the Government of Meghalaya vide notification no. PE 304/74 dated 21/12/1974. The board came into existence from 21.01.1975.

The board was initially responsible for the co-ordinate development of generation, transmission and distribution of electricity in Meghalaya in a most efficient, reliable and economical manner.

In order to bring about accountability, transparency, competitiveness, reduction of losses and improved performance for better customer satisfaction, the government had unbundle Meghalaya State Electricity Board (MSEB) into four corporations under Meghalaya Power Sector Reforms Transfer Scheme 2010.

The newly formed corporations are the Meghalaya Energy Corporation Limited (Me.E.C.L), ’ the holding company’, Meghalaya Power Distribution Corporation Limited (Me.P.D.C.L), ‘the distribution utility arm’, Meghalaya Power Generation Corporation Limited (Me.P.G.C.L), ‘the generation utility arm’, and Meghalaya Power Transmission Corporation Limited (Me.P.T.C.L), ‘the transmission utility arm’.

Sl. No Items Unit 1975-76 2016-17
1 Installed Generation capacity Mega Watt 65.20 314.70
2 Net Energy Generation Million Units 176.08 823.13
3 Connected load within the State Mega Watt 20.96 660.164
4 Energy consumption within the State Million Units 33.346 972.383
5 Number of consumer within the State Number 7377 414624
6 Number of 400/220 Grid Sub-Station Number 0 1
7 Number of 132 KV Grid Sub-Station Number 2 14
8 Number of Electrified Villages Number 261 6098
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