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The Myntdu Leshka Hydro Electric Project (2 x 42 + 1 x 42) MW is a Run Off River (ROR) Scheme, located at the Jaintia Hills District of the State of Meghalaya . The project envisages construction of the 63 meters’ height dam across the Myntdu River , just below the tri junction of its two other tributaries, the Lamu and the Umshariang. The impounded water is to be conducted to the Power House through a 3313.46 meters’ long and 3.4 meters’ diameter HRT, a 314 meters’ long HPT and 731.25 meters’ long Penstock. The water after generation will be discharged into the Lyngriang river, which is another tributary of the Myntdu (downstream). The conductor system also include an intake shaft gate and a 85 meters’ deep & 8 meters’ diameter Surge Shaft and a Butterfly valve. Recently, due to severe power crisis in the State, it was decided to tap all available potential in the form of Renovation & Modernization and Upgradation (Stages I & II) and addition of another unit of 42 MW in the 2 x 42 Mega Watts’ Project, using the same Dam, the same water conductor system and the same Power House. The capacity of the Surge Shaft & Intake Gate have been modified to suit the water flow forces to 3 (three) units. Three penstock pipes have now been proposed to conduct the water to the 3 (three) Turbines at the Power house.

The investigation work of the Myntdu Leshka Stage I Hydro Electric Project (2 x 42) MW was taken up by the Board during 1975-76 and the final Revised Detailed Project report (DPR) was submitted to the Central Electricity Authority (CEA) for clearance, in October 1998. The public hearing for Environmental Clearance conducted by the Meghalaya Pollution Control Board (MPCB) was held in March 1999, of which public has welcomed the Project. Necessary site clearance from the Ministry of Environmental and Forests (MOEF) to take up the pre construction works of the Project was given in August 1999. The Techno Economic Clearance (TEC) was issued by the CEA vide letter No.2/Meg/2/99-PAC/9499-9522/702 Dt. 20th September 1999 . The necessary Forest Clearance, subject to certain conditions, has been accorded by the MOEF vide their letter No.8-33/2000-FC dated 19.6.2001. The MOEF accorded Environmental Clearance vide Notification Ref.No.J-12011/4/99-IA- Dt.20/9/2001. The Meghalaya State Electricity Board accorded Administrative Approval for the construction of the 2 x 42 MW Project vide Board’s Letter No.U/o No.GAP/258/97/vol.I/152 Dt.12/6/02 with a total project cost of Rs 363.08 Crores, including the Interest During Construction (IDC). While the provisional clearance was received in June 2002, the final clearance was accorded in May 2004.

At present, the work on the first 2 (two) units is in an advance stage of completion, while works on the 3rd Unit also have started.

The project completion schedule is as below:-

Major Works Time of Completion
DAM February 2009
TUNNEL February 2009
SURGE SHAFT February 2009
PENSTOCK & PIPE LINER March / April 2009
POWER HOUSE (CIVIL) April / May 2009

The commissioning & commercial operation dates are as follows:-

Commissioning Commercial Operation
UNIT I May 2009 June 2009
UNIT II June 2009 July 2009
The delay in completion and commissioning of the Project are due to many reasons, the main one being due to continuous rainfall experienced in the Project site (as the Project area is located in the southern slope of the State and it is in the same belt with Cherrapunjee) and also due to the geological condition in the Project.

The rain affected the work at the dam which started since May, 2004. Hence the work had to be stopped and it was restarted from October 2004 onwards. However the work for the dam was disrupted again by rain in 2005-2006 and 2007 and in 2007-2008 the work at the power house got badly affected with a sudden flood in April 2008, thereby halting the work. It may be mentioned that both the works involve working below river bed level and hence rain is bound to disrupt the work. However the work at HPT has not been much affected since it is above the river bed level. The rainfall at the Project site lasted for about six months.

On completion, the Project would generate about 372.69 Million Units of Electricity annually from the first two Units. The estimated cost at 1999 price level is Rs.363.08 Crores and the revised Cost at 2006 price level is Rs.671.29 Crores, inclusive of the Interest During Construction (IDC).


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